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Established in Seymour Texas in 1958, United Appraisal Research now is a recognized expert in appraisal of commercial real estate in over 30 states and most major cities across the United States.

Every property is unique and every UAR appraisal provides detailed valuation and analysis to determine the most accurate values. From site inspection to the complete appraisal report, each appraisal is designed to valuation requirements for our clients.

UAR is on the forefront of advancement in valuation methods for accuracy of value for “intended purpose.” Providing specialized appraisals for hospitality, retail, industrial, vacant land, eminent domain, and property tax protests that increase accuracy of value.

Research Shows “Errors Based on Intended Use” can cause 20% (or more) Value Error. Specialized Valuations

The UAR team boasts over a century of field and valuation experience. This translates into an accurate and comprehensive appraisal of your property.

Banks, private lenders, investors, property tax consultants, property owners, and franchises across the the country rely on our appraisals for: Investment, Re-financing, New Loans, Property Tax Protests, and Eminent Domain.

Contact Us to discuss your commercial property and let us help you reach your valuation goals.

Kreg Hodge,
United Appraisal Research

Mr. Kreg Hodge has been conducting appraisals since 2006 throughout the United States with over 17 years of experience in accounting, banking, lending and real estate. Kreg is a member of the International Right-of-Way Association, Chapter 36 and specializes in Commercial Real Estate, the Hospitality Industry, and Eminent Domain.

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